2010 Good-Bye, Adios, Smell-you-later.....but thank you for the lessons learned however hard they may have been!!!

This may be too candid for some, so sorry if it is a little too personal, but life is candid and so are my experiences! Here is a list of my best and worst experiences of 2010:

-Libby getting baptized, even if we(Garrett and Anne Deucher clan) all had the stomach flu, and Aunt Sarah was having full blown contractions.....thanks Sarah and baby Ty for waiting!
-Watching baby Ty being born, oh how I love that nephew of mine, we have a special bond thing going!
-Lake Powell, North Carolina, St. George, and California.
-Tessa leaving the nest this year. From my heart to Ms Kathy's Moonbeam Pre-School!
-Serving the ladies in my church, and more than that getting to know the ladies in my church. Amazing! They give, they care, they serve, they are....just good to the bone!
-Camping with the girls in a Monsoon! Yes, this was year two of camping in a Monsoon maybe next year we'll be renting a cabin!
-Making over my house! New tile, new paint, new couches, new bedding, new drapes! I am so grateful that I have a creative outlet that will let me "escape" for just a while.
-Wendy Densley Wight getting married. Wendy has been one of my "Best" friends for over 25 years, I was so excited! Now Wendy.....first comes marriage then comes baby.....just sayin'
-St. George with Haley and Courtney at the blogging conference. I have a amazing friends, I'm so proud!
-Having my entire extended family together for Christmas!
-Never giving up on the things I used to enjoy running, the outdoors, hobbies, traveling etc. however frustrating it may have been, I'm starting to enjoy all of them again......hard work really does pay off!
-Learning that faith is not a given gift, it is a gift that is obtained through seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, even a year of hard work and perseverance.
-Realizing swallowing a huge piece of bitter, tough, and sour humble pie is not easy, Anne can't fix and be in control of everything...dang-it!
-Late night cuddles with my 3 darlings. Whatever I did to get these three, I will never know!
-Learning that praying 10 times a day for a miracle, fasting to be healed, fulfilling my church callings, serving others, reading my scriptures daily, attending the temple regularly, doing my visiting teaching monthly, never missing the sacrament, doing my best to be a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friends etc. is not an insurance policy to take away my illness but, it will give me courage, patience, and the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
-Learning that my best friend is someone that I cannot see or touch!
-Learning that my second best friend is a Hairy, quarter Italian, football loving fella, that just gets me . He loves me for all of my imperfections. He carries me, he carries me , he carries me!
-Learning that it is possible to get through a day or even a week on 5 minutes of peace! Trust me, I know!


-Realizing just today, that no matter how hard I think I have it there is someone out there that is in need of "me" and my strengths, because my strengths just might be their weaknesses. For all of those that have given me some of your "strengths", you will never know how grateful I am!


I've been blessed to have a family that is good, good to the bone! I know most of you have families that are just like mine...good, but for you that don't I hurt for you. The Holidays for me are a time to spend with the people that I love the most, the people that show me unconditional love, security, and peace.....and on occasion a little bit of drama, but drama is life. I've had experiences with a few of my dearest friends lately that has shown me just how lucky I am. They aren't blessed with a family like mine. This is a reminder to me that I need to hug my family a little tighter, tell them I love them a little more often, and thank my Heavenly Father for giving me my family!

Merry Christmas!

I love the to decorate for the holidays, it gives me something new to look at!

Dance Recital 2010

This year Tessa's dance teacher thought it would be cute for the girls to perform their dance in front of Santa, but for Tessa(a Santa hater) this was no fun! During the whole dance her eyes were glued to Santa's in sheer terror. Half way through the dance she could not bare the anxiety anymore and began to shed tears....big crocodile tears! She has begged to not have Santa drop gifts off this year, "Mom, he's scary" she says. If you think about it it's kind of true, a big fat old man, yelling"Ho Ho Ho" while his face is lost behind mounds and mounds of white curly hair. Tessa, I don't blame you I would be scared too!

Dear Dear Libby,
You give me a run for money on a daily basis, and I have been known to cry during a few of our battles, but I love you more than anything! You are a compassionate, kind, and giving person! Your happiness and energy is contagious. Your strong personality will be an asset later on......and please be kind to your parents when you are a teenager......PLEASEEEEE!

The ultimate BYU fans. I may be the ultimate football hater because it takes so much of my husband time, but I do think it's pretty cute that Drew and Garrett get this father and son bonding time........by-the-way I went to a game once with Garrett and two teams were playing in blue uniforms and I had to ask Garrett what team BYU was!


Happy Halloween!

Here's to one of the best Holidays of the whole year!